Whether you are working towards getting rid of some excess weight or maintaining a fit body, you are always required to burn as much fat as possible. Although, in order to accomplish a weight loss goal, it is important to cut calories and perform some sort of physical exercise, being careful and wise about what you eat and drink can help you greatly increase the speed at which your body burns fat. Undoubtedly, your diet is a major element of fat burning process and weight loss on a whole.

Here are 5 drinks that help reduce fat and burn those extra calories very efficiently.

1. Skim milk

It is quite a common misconception that milk is against weight loss. Actually, studies show that having skimmed milk is extremely important for losing weight due to the action of the calcium of milk. Calcium increases the ability of the body to burn fats as well as makes the process even more effective and quick. Not only does Calcium suppresses the hormone named calcitriol that is basically responsible for making you fatter, but it also keeps your bones healthy and strong as well as helps you build muscles.

Getting calcitriol out of your body leads to a much faster breakdown of fats and lets you shed the extra pounds. Calcium also suppresses your hunger and allows you to lose a higher amount of weight as it makes you feel fuller and eat less. Skim milk gives you all the vitamins including calcium, protein and Vitamin D without any fat. For some flavour, having a low-fat chocolate milk is perfect for muscle recovery after workouts.

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