The health of your teeth is an important component of your self-confidence, nutrition and overall wellbeing. If you have experienced the agony of a toothache, the embarrassment of flashing a brown smile or seeing people cover their nostrils when you start to speak, or the inability to strip some juicy steak off a bone because of missing teeth then you understand the essence of good dental health. And that is not all you have to worry about. The bill for tooth extraction, root canal procedures, teeth whitening or tooth replacement rarely go below the upper hundreds and regularly run into thousands of dollars. Additionally poor dental health has been linked to heart complications. It is believed that bleeding gums can act as entry points for bacteria which can infect other parts of the body, and that is where the health of your teeth becomes a life and death matter. Proper dental health management revolves around regular cleaning and good diet selection. If you are yearning to maintain healthy teeth, the following six tips will come in handy in your endeavor.

1.Clean your teeth frequently

Regular brushing and flossing is the holy grail of healthy teeth. You should brush your teeth twice or more times a day. If possible, whip out that toothbrush after every meal. Go for toothpastes that contain fluoride as this neutralizes acids and strengthens the enamel. Also do not forget to floss at least once a day in order to remove food particles lodged between your teeth. Proper brushing technique is important to muster in order to ensure adequate cleaning while avoiding gum injury. Ideally, you should brush for at least two minutes at a time making sure to touch each surface including the inside of the teeth. Use short, delicate strokes especially if you have any oral problem. Dentists recommend an electric toothbrush but the regular variety will do the trick. Children below 7 years should be supervised when brushing and ideally the parent should brush very young children’s teeth. You should change your toothbrush every six months since the bristles wear off and become over-abrasive. Also, bacteria tend to accumulate over time and are reintroduced into the mouth each time you use an old toothbrush.

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