4.Eat acidic foods together with meals

Sugary products are not the only culprits; acidic foods also wear away the enamel. However some acidic foods such as citrus fruits are too valuable to leave out of the diet. The way around this is to eat them as part of meals rather than alone. This limits the amount of acid that comes directly into contact with your teeth. Aside from the high sugar content in soft drinks, their high acidity makes them an enemy to your teeth. You should ideally eliminate them from your diet altogether.

5.Wear protective gear when playing contact sport

Your teeth cannot be healthy if bits of them are lying on the ground outside your mouth. When playing contact sport and especially violent ones like football, boxing and wrestling, it is of great importance to wear protective head gear including a mouth guard. Chipped or uprooted teeth could take a fortune to repair or replace.

6.Get regular dental checkups and cleaning

Dental services don’t come cheap. If you wait till you have to undergo a tooth extraction or root canal, you may have to pay through your nose. By getting regular dental checkups (say twice a year), cavities and other potential problems can be discovered in their early stages when they are easily manageable. Many dental practices offer teeth checkups for free. Professional teeth cleaning is something that should be on your itinerary at least twice a year. At dental appointments, the dentist will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove plaque and kill potentially harmful bacteria. This definitely costs some money but in the long run, you end up saving much more.

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