The benefits of boiling some foods surpasses the need of having a delectable dish that is prepared from hours of frying, mixing, grinding or baking. Some cooking methods make food delicious and pleasing at the expense of nutrients, which are lost during the long processes of making the food more delicious. Though some claim raw foods support optimal health by maintaining all the nutritional values, some studies show that some products become even healthier when boiled. This a fact that most people are not aware of today.

For people who are conscious about their health, boiling as a method of cooking can be the best option in helping you preserve the maximum nutritional value in some foods. While frying makes food delicious, it can destroy nutrients present in some of them.

Moreover, boiled foods are not always unpleasant. It helps to maintain the original flavors and the original color of food products. This makes boiled food delicious and appealing with their taste and color intact and thus enjoyed at their best.

Here are some of the food products that are become healthier when boiled:


Carrots are known to contain vitamins and fiber content which are beneficial to the body, including their ability to boost one’s night vision. Their natural occurring sugar makes them a good source of anti-cancer properties (falcarinol)

While some may argue that raw carrot are healthier than cooked ones, recent studies has shown that the heat generated by cooking carrots breaks down the cell walls and helps to release antioxidants and vitamins from the carrot into the body.

A study carried out in Newcastle University found the best way to cook carrots is by boiling them whole. This prevents loss of Compound Falcarinol, which is known to be an anti-cancer property, by a quarter. Boil your carrots whole rather than slicing then and avoid loss of healthy ingredients. It might actually prove to be quite helpful to your body in the end.

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