Majority of people may not know it, but the fascinating truth is that there are numerous medically proven ways in which good chocolate, which is to say, the real, dark, unadulterated form of chocolate, is beneficial for our health. Chocolate is the greatest comfort food at all times, a sure-fire stand-by during stress, a mood enhancer, a roman inducer and a reliable source of consolation when life hardens.

Did you know that the fantastic food contains more than 300 distinguished chemical compounds that can give incredible health benefits for the whole body? Interestingly, chocolate is packed full of plant-derived antioxidants, anti-inflammatory constituents, flavanols, and other health boosting ingredients that function amazingly for the better of our minds and body.

Here are 5 reasons you should love chocolate.

1. Dark chocolate is highly nutritious

High-quality chocolate containing high level of cocoa is very nutritious. It contains an incredible amount of minerals and is loaded with soluble fiber. A 100gm bar of real chocolate with 70-85% cocoa contains:

.67 percent of the RDA for Iron
.11gm of fiber.
.58 percent of the RDA for Magnesium
.98 percent of the RDA for Manganese.
.89 percent of the RDA for Copper.
It also contains large amounts of phosphorus, selenium, potassium and zinc.

The fatty acid profile of dark chocolate and cocoa is just but excellent. The fats are usually monounsaturated and saturated, with little amounts of polyunsaturated. Real chocolate also contains stimulants like theobromine and caffeine. However, it doesn’t keep you awake at night as it contains less amount of caffeine compared to coffee.

2. Chocolate can help in protection of heart attacks and strokes

A recent study indicated that a particular type of chocolate mostly found in cocoa butter does not raise the level of cholesterol as it is with other saturates. Among other benefits, this chocolate helps in restoration of flexibility to arteries as well as prevention of white blood cells from attaching themselves to the walls of blood vessels. It is also proven that individuals who consumed chocolate, one to three times in every month have a 26% lower probability of developing heart failure.

A research conducted in Finland indicated that chocolate consumption decreases the risk of attack by stroke by about 17% in the men’s group that participated. Here is the bottom line; Just take a small amount of real chocolate every day, it will help you run away from heart attacks, stroke, and end up living far much longer.

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