If you thought that our ancestors would be bored and just sit around, then think again. Instead, a number of the things that we do in the modern world have their origins in ancient times. This is often surprising because we think that sports such as soccer or golf are relatively new, but that is not the case. While they may not be identical to what we do today, they are at least similar as this list of amazing things our ancestors did to be in shape will show.


There are drawings on tombs in Egypt that date back to 1850 BC that appear to show people wrestling. Of course they were working hard on a daily basis doing physical things in order to just survive, but they then put those muscles and general fitness to great effect by taking part in wrestling bouts. A number of the moves that are used in the modern day version actually have their roots back to Egypt, so this is one thing that has certainly not changed that much.
The oldest ski in the world comes from Russia and it has been dated to around 5500 BC. There are other skis from ancient China that date back to 3000BC, so it does seem to be the case that this was a more popular hobby than we perhaps realized. However, we need to remember that it was more about getting from one place to another rather than a sport, but of course skiing really does work a number of muscle groups, so it would have certainly helped to keep them in shape.


Most people already know that the Olympics have their origins in ancient Greece and it is accepted that athletics has its roots in 800 BC. This is when events took place and people really began actively training for the games, but the ancient Greeks were crazy for the perfect body as you can see in their sculptures. Clearly working out was a key part of their society and they certainly knew how to get in shape. The first Olympics focused entirely on running leading up to a single race across the stadium. However, it then became more popular leading to further events being added and it developing closer to something that is more similar to what we have today.

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