Polo is seen as being a sport for the rich and famous, but in certain parts of the world it is certainly more inclusive. Its origins are found in ancient Persia, which is modern day Iran, and it dates back as far as 600 BC. However, it was not until the 16th century that it really took off in a big way with India being the main country.


Hockey has been played in some form since the 6th century BC and we have to go back to ancient Greece in order to find its origins. However, it is believed that the game the Greeks played actually came from Persia and it was transported along trade routes, so the true date when hockey became a way of getting into shape is in dispute.


Sumo is a massive sport in Japan and tradition is very important even today. It is known that it has its origins in 23 BC, but this is certainly something that is up for debate. The problem with this date is that it is still seen as the prehistoric period in the country, so other experts claim that its true origins are in AD 853. However, some would argue that this is not exactly about getting into shape when you look at the size of the average sumo wrestler.

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