If you thought that food in a restaurant was healthier than the home made option, then think again. Instead, there are some dishes out there that are actually not healthy at all. It may come as a surprise, but there are some meals out there that are capable of completely busting any diet plan, as these examples will show. These meals really are the most fattening restaurant foods you should never order under any circumstances.

Mega Mel Burger

This burger is available at Mel’s Country Cafe in Texas and this is one serious gut wrenching meal. We are talking about a meal that has just over 4,500 calories, but then what would you expect when you are looking at a burger with 1.5 pounds of meat, a whole pound of bacon, a huge pile of American cheese, along with all of the dressings. The last thing you should be doing is having fries with this meal.

The Fifth Third Burger

Some would argue that this is technically not at a restaurant, but it is a diner at a minor league baseball stadium in Michigan and it has a burger meal that would make you pretty fat in next to no time if you ate this kind of thing on a regular basis. This meal has a total of 4,800 calories and you can understand why when you look at what is included in it. This is not just one burger, but it has five beef patties along with five slices of thick cheese, and a whole host of other ingredients that is all squashed onto an 8 inch bun. This is massive and your appetite needs to be massive as well just to stomach it.

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