Factory Burrito Grande

So the typical burrito is not exactly known for being health and the option at The Cheesecake Factory certainly does nothing to dispel that theory. This factory burrito grande has a whopping 1800 calories and you need to remember that the daily recommended allowance for an adult is 2000 calories per day, so you are almost there in one single meal. It might look tasty, but it is not exactly healthy when you are consuming as many calories in a single burrito.

Admiral’s Feast

The Admiral’s Feast is available at The Red Lobster and it might not sound too bad at almost 1,300 calories, at least compared to other meals in this list. However, it also has over 73g of saturated fat and that is ridiculously high and too much of that is going to put you well on the path towards a heart attack. There are so many healthier options available at the restaurant, so why put your health at risk with something such as this? Of course this does not include the amount of sodium that is in the meal, but the level of saturated fat should be enough to make you think twice about ordering it.

Jack n Grills

If we head over to Denver, then we are going to find a burrito that is going to blow your mind in both size as well as calories. Basically, it is the size of a football and it weighs a stunning seven pounds, so of course it is going to be rather unhealthy. However, nobody will be expecting a burrito that has 3,764 calories, but then it is filled with all kinds of things including chilis, ham, eggs, potatoes, cheese, and onions. If eating that sounds like a bit of a challenge, then if you are female and manage to eat a whole one without going to the bathroom you get to eat for free for life. Now, there is something to try.

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