We’re always told that we should eat our vegetables if we want to stay healthy– especially the greens. However, what if these vegetables aren’t really great for us at all? We’re not saying that they’re totally bad, but for some people, it will be better if they’ll avoid the greens, and we’re going to reveal why.

Presenting, some of the reasons why not everything that’s green is healthy.

1. Some Greens Could Irritate the Mouth and Intestinal Tract

Some green vegetables contain chemical called oxalic acid. Although it’s a form of chemical that’s completely harmless for some, there are those who are allergic to it. Thus, the substance end up irritating their mouth as well as intestinal tract. Aside from that, there are instances that it also blocks the calcium and iron absorption of the body– this could lead to the formaldehyde of kidney stones.

Fortunately, it’s possible to reduce the oxalic content of food items through cooking or steaming– it’s important to discard the water used after.

Some of the vegetables that contain oxalic acid are chard, spinach, parsley, beet greens and purslane.

2. Although Spinach Is Rich in Iron, This Doesn’t Indicate That You’ll Get the Amount of Iron the Body Needs

Although spinach is best known for being rich in iron, you have to know that eating it raw wouldn’t give you the benefits you need– it’s all because of the oxalic acid present.¬†That’s why it’s very important to cook the spinach first if you want to experience an iron boost minus the indigestion– we advise that you stay away from raw salads that have spinach.¬†Aside from that, don’t pressure yourself from eating a lot of parsley garnish on your next dinner. Just like the saying too much of anything is bad, this holds true to munching parsley as well. Too much of this can cause stomach problems. Likewise, by eating a big bowl of raw spinach salad every day, you’re just succumbing yourself to kidney stones– instead of maintaining a healthy body.

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