6.Funny Colored Urine

Beets, and other greens are known for changing the color of the urine– into red. Aside from that, beets can also stain the fingers and clothes while you’re preparing them. The beeturia present in beets gives this vegetables the color it has, and the body’s response to it will depend on a number of factors, such as genetics. That said, some would not even pee in red.

This applies for asparagus too. Some people are known to metabolize the sulfuric compound present in asparagus, while others can’t.

7.Could Cause Blood Thinning

A lot of green vegetables are packed with vitamin K and this is essential for blood to clot. Though, those who are taking warfarin aims to prevent the blood from clotting, and taking too much vitamin K would have a negative effect to warfarin. Furthermore, greens, such as broccoli, are filed with vitamin K and this could thin the blood– that’s if you’re under certain medications.

8. Some Are Infected with Pesticides

We’d all agree that cucumbers are refreshing vegetables. However, how sure are you that they’re really safe to eat? Based on research, it has been discovered that some cucumbers have pesticides in them– just like celery and they’re known to be hormone disruptive. For those who are trying to eat healthy, you ought to know that it’s better to stay away from conventional cucumbers, because more often than not, they’ll do harm to your body rather than good.┬áNot just that, some cucumbers also contain a lot of synthetic wax – and this what gives them the shiny appearance. If you want to make sure that you’re always healthy, then it’ll be better if you’ll just opt for organic cucumbers.

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