Nausea is the worst kind of feeling you’ll ever have. Everything sounds off, nothing feels right, your body is shaky, the smell of food is horrible, and the list goes one. Nausea can be caused by a number of reasons, ranging from food poisoning, motion sickness, morning sickness, and the list goes on. Furthermore, most of the time, an occasional nausea doesn’t imply that you should visit the doctor, because it can be solved even when you’re at home. There’s a number of ways on how you can get rid of this problem.

1. Ginger

The most popular and oldest home remedy for nausea is no other than ginger– it can be in a form of tea, ale, or even raw. It doesn’t matter how you’d like to take it, and there’s always a guarantee that it could stop nausea right away. Due to the fact that ginger encourages the secretion of different digestive juices, it’s capable of neutralizing stomach acid. Aside from that, it’s also packed with phenols that are capable of relaxing the stomach muscles, and it acts like a sedative that can calm down an irritated stomach tissue. Furthermore, the presence of phenols also help the intestine in moving not only the digested food, but the toxins through the system as well, and because the bad stuff are being taken away, you’ll notice that the feeling of nausea would be gone just after taking ginger.

Ginger can be taken in capsule form, in a soothing soup, but you can also nibble it raw. A lot prefers fresh ginger ale or tea as a way to calm down an upset tummy. Best of all, aside from taking your nausea away, a warm cup of ginger tea can also help you relax.

How to Make Ginger Tea
Things You’ll Need:
– 1 Ginger Root
– Honey
– 3 cups of water

Wash the ginger, and peel them carefully. This should be sliced into tiny pieces and place a piece of paper over it– preferably wax paper. Jam the ginger in order to make the pieces extra small. Then, boil 2-3 cups of water and add put the ginger. Allow it boil for 2-3 minutes. Add honey if desired. Drink while it’s still warm.

2. Make Milk Toast

For those who are not aware, bland foods are great in taming one’s stomach, and some of the great examples of this include bread and milk. Bread is capable of absorbing the excess acid, while milk coats the stomach– this is also recommended for those who take aspirin, because it can hurt an empty stomach. Though, milk shouldn’t be drank straight either, because dairy alone can also result to an upset stomach. So, the best way to use these remedies is by combining bread and milk together by creating milk toast.

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