Millions of people need their morning shot of coffee just to get going in the day and this is a fact that has made this warm beverage so popular around the world. However, for some people just having coffee is no longer enough and that has led to a whole host of strange and not so wonderful things being added. The bad news is that they do tend to not actually be that healthy and here are some things you must stop putting in your coffee before it gets too much for your body.


Yes, there are a growing number of people that are actually adding salt to their coffee and your first reaction should be asking yourself why on earth they would want to do this. They say that it reduces the bitterness of the coffee and some companies include it in the brewing stage whilst others prefer to add it themselves. However, you should perhaps remember that there are various types of coffee beans, so perhaps just try one of the others and see if it is more suitable to your taste buds. You also need to remember that the last thing that we generally need to have in our diet is more salt as it is in everything else that we eat, so perhaps avoid it with your coffee.

Artificial Sweeteners

This might surprise a number of people as artificial sweeteners are often regarded as being a healthier alternative to sugar, but they are not as healthy as you think. Instead, they are now seen as being potentially responsible for an increase in obesity, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. Saccharin and Aspartame are seen as the real bad boys in the world of artificial sweetener, so avoid loading your coffee with it or you could be storing up a lot of trouble for the future.

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