This is another addition that is going to surprise a lot of people because who on earth could ever come up with the idea of adding butter to a cup of coffee? This idea largely came from people that were involved in the Paleo Diet as sugar was banned and there is the belief that it will help you to gain more energy. However, you are going to be getting a shot of caffeine, so do you really need anything else to help give you more energy? It will also tend to have fat and salt in the butter and do you really want that to be added to your coffee?

Non-Dairy Creamer

At first, a non-dairy creamer may seem like a good idea, but you will probably change your mind when you see what is included in its list of ingredients. The first two ingredients are typically corn syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oil and now it is going to sound rather less appealing. The ingredients do undoubtedly make your mouth believe that it is cream, but the different items have been called into question by scientists who have shown that the likes of corn syrup is something that your body battles to metabolize. It might taste quite good, but it is really doing nothing for your health.

Whipped Cream

So we all known that whipped cream is not exactly good for your health, but unfortunately for us it does tend to add a certain something to coffee. However, it actually has no nutritional value whatsoever and is seen as being right up there with the worst things you can add to coffee from a health point of view. It is full of hydrogenated oils and there is no way that your body will enjoy having to deal with those when you are supposed to be enjoying a cup of coffee.

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