Alcohol has been added to coffee probably much since it became popular as a drink and even though there are a range of different types of alcohol that can be added there is no doubt that none of it is healthy. Sure, it might make it taste different, but you actually lose track of what the coffee should taste like as the alcohol simply overpowers it. Coffee has a distinctive taste that should be savored and enjoyed, but how can you if all you get is a taste of Scotch?

Skimmed Milk

Those people that love their coffee, but feel guilty about the milk aspect will be shocked to learn that skimmed milk is doing you no good whatsoever. In actual fact, it is believed that the sugar content is sky high with skimmed milk and of course sugar is clearly linked to obesity. Whole milk is, therefore, healthier for you as there is a better balance between fat and sugar whereas the skimmed milk is loaded with sugar to a crazy level. If you still hate the idea of whole fat milk, then think about semi-skimmed as being the best alternative.

Flavored Creamers

A lot of people love to add things such as vanilla or hazelnut to their coffee, but in actual fact you might be improving the taste, in your eyes at least, but you are not exactly helping your health. They are full of corn syrup, oils, and sugar and we already know how our body does not react well to having to deal with that. If you need to add something to your coffee to alter the taste, then perhaps try some cinnamon powder instead because at least that is not crammed full of fat and going to help you pile on some extra calories.

The one thing that should be immediately apparent is that we should stick to keeping our coffee as plain as possible and it is easy to see why when you read some of the crazy things that people are adding to their shot of caffeine. Remember that coffee does have a particular taste to it and you can alter the strength rather than trying to mask it with some of the ideas mentioned above. Changing the taste of something does not make it better and you should certainly keep that in mind when thinking about your coffee.

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