Energy Bars

While with hindsight it is easy to understand why energy bars are so high in sugar, we are often distracted by the sales and marketing that focuses on the apparent benefits of eating one and especially with the amount of protein. However, the average energy bar contains 25g of sugar and that is a lot of sugar in such a small bar. Of course the sugar can provide us with a lot of energy, but eating too many of them can only be a bad thing for your health.
Tomato Sauce.

Tomato sauce never really tastes that sweet, but that is why it then becomes a huge surprise to people when they discover that it is actually full of sugar. There are some brands on the market that have 15g of sugar in just half a cup of sauce. You can also never ignore pasta sauce as that is also high in sugar thanks to the tomato sauce aspect.

Red Apples

Red apples might only contain natural sugars, but it is high in them with the typical apple having in the region of 20g of sugar. Clearly we should all eat them due to the vitamins and minerals in them, but you are advised to look at other non-red varieties as they do tend to have less sugar.

Instant Oatmeal

Oats are very good for you, but if you buy the instant oatmeal version, then take a close look at the ingredients. You are typically looking at 18g of sugar per serving as it is actually the second most common ingredient in the product after the oats themselves. It is better, and healthier, if you purchase the plain version and add honey as the sweetener as that will drastically reduce the amount of sugar that you will be consuming in one serving.

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