7. Condiments

Mustard, ketchup, and other condiments that have vinegar as one of its main ingredients have the ability of surviving in warm places for the very same reason why you shouldn’t have to put your hot sauce inside the fridge. Due to its high acidity content, bacteria will have a hard time growing in them. This is also the reason why it’s completely fine to not refrigerate your pickles and store them in warm temperature instead.

Ketchup has an acidity of 3.6, making it acidic enough that there’s no need to put it inside the fridge. This applies for mustard as well – its pH level is low enough that refrigerating it is not necessary at all. Although a lot of mustard manufacturers do recommend keeping them inside the fridge, we don’t really think it’s practical at all. Basically, if you’re going to have a barbecue later, it’s fine to let your burger sauce sit outside.

8. Jam

Do you know how beef jerky is made? It’s created by stripping out every ounce of moisture present in the meat. Aside from making it dry, it also prevents it from being the breeding place of bacteria, and it’s also the reason why it can last for quite some time, because it’s in a similar situation– although it has a slight presence of water, the high-sugar content jam has, makes the water not “bioavailable.” This means that the bacteria won’t be able to access it.

What we’re trying to say is that, for jams, there should be more than enough sugar so that the bacteria won’t be able get in.

9. Salted Butter

Although it may seem absurd for some, it’s okay to store butter at room temperature. Perhaps, you’re asking yourself how is that even possible? Milk goes rancid when left outside, and butter, like milk, is also a dairy product. Well, you have to know that milk is composed of water. On the other hand, butter is made of fat. This means, it will be hard air-borne ailments multiply quickly even in warm temperatures. Though, this doesn’t mean that all kinds of butter can be stored outside. The unsalted one should be kept inside the fridge, while it’s completely fine to let the salted butter sit at room temperature.

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