Bacon and Tomato Dressing

This is not exactly one of the most popular dressings out there, but a bacon and tomato dressing will tend to have in the region of 100 calories per serving with the potential for it to be as high as 150 in some instances. Most of these calories come from the saturated fat that is in the dressing and it is the bacon that is the real problem. Try changing it for imitation bacon and you will see a huge difference in the calories as well as the salt content.

Italian Dressing

People often mistakenly believe that because it is an Italian dressing that it is going to be healthier and even though this may be the case compared to some of the other dressings, it is not as healthy as you think. The average Italian dressing has in the region of 100 calories per serving and it is also typically sky high in sodium as well as fat as you are going to have around 11g of fat per serving. One example is Newman’s Italian Dressing, which has 130 calories per serving as well as 13g of fat and 360 mg of sodium. Two servings of this dressing will certainly give you a large percentage of your daily sodium intake.

Caesar Salad

The Caesar salad is world famous and there are a number of different brand names out there for you to try and it is also one of the favorite dressings in restaurants around the world. However, if we look at things generally with this dressing we see that it is not exactly as healthy as it is made out to be. In truth, it is pretty similar to ranch and blue cheese dressings, so you can typically expect around 155 calories per serving as well as it being high in sodium and fat.

The one thing that is clear is that if you do need to use dressing, then always try to get the low-fat option as that will reduce the number of calories per serving quite considerably. However, the best option is just to try to avoid it in general or go for a very basic dressing that will add some moisture rather than anything else.

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