11 Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

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9. Heat Intolerance 

This is another telltale sign of multiple sclerosis, and one in which the individual feels uncomfortable, faint, or unusually dizzy when indulging in body-warming activities such as exercising, sunbathing, soaking in a hot tub or simply being out on warm days. It has been shown that heat intolerance tends to cause other signs of MS to become more pronounced.

10. Pain 

A number of people report having experienced pain weeks or days before they are diagnosed with MS. The pain is often as a direct result of the nerves having been damaged by the disease. When this is the case, the affected person may experience severe burning sensations in their hands or legs. They might even imagine a sharp object is stabbing the side of their face when the nerves become inflamed.
However, pain may also be musculoskeletal, arising not from nerve damage, but from impaired gait, which causes misalignment of the spine and hips.

11. Bowel Problems 

Many people with multiple sclerosis tend to have bowel problems. In fact some report this early even before they are tested for the disease. Constipation is one of the most common issues affecting close to half of individuals with MS. They find it hard to pass stool, and they often do so less frequently than normal. If stool becomes stuck, it may irritate the bowel walls, causing them to produce more mucus and fluid that can leak unintentionally.


Multiple sclerosis is indeed a very challenging disease, but medical experts have devised numerous treatments that can help slow its progress. The best defense is visiting your doctor as soon as you experience the first warning signs. This is particularly important if an immediate family member has the disorder. Early diagnosis can make the difference, so if you suspect you may have MS, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor.

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