5 Exercises For People Over 50

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Those who have reached the age of 50 and beyond need to better understand the limitations of the body as it ages. Exercises that you could easily perform in your 20s and 30s could cause serious injury today. According to Dr. McCance, spinal surgeon at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, some people over the age of 50 are pushing themselves too hard. He cites an example of a physical trainer he treated who was 50 years old, working out too hard and ruptured a disc. Studies at Health magazine show that among 78 million baby boomers, back injuries from exercising are on the rise. Before you become another statistic, consider these exercises for the people over 50.

Adults over 50 today are well aware of the heart benefits in exercising, and studies conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association show that those who exercise regularly will live longer than unfit adults.
Never try to cram too much into one session. Exercise to your comfort level and stop. If you are new to exercising, narrow the routine and focus on one exercise per week. In no time you’ll be able to make it through the entire regimen.

The first part of this exercise program is focused on strength training. According to WebMD, as we approach and pass the age of 50, muscles become smaller and lose the ability to contract. Lower muscle mass means increased risk of diabetes. Plus, many adults over 50 have a higher fat content than young adults. You can combat this by incorporating strength training into your exercise routine. The following exercises should be performed twice a week using 5-pound dumbbells. As you develop your muscles, increase the weight to 8 and then 10 pounds.

1. One-Legged Wall Squats

This exercise will benefit the abs, hamstrings, buttocks, and quads.

• Begin this exercise by placing an exercise ball between your lower back and the wall.
• The feet should be approximately 1-2 feet in front of you and hip-width apart.
• Straighten the right leg first, allowing the foot to be 6 inches off the ground.
• Now bend the left knee and lower your body to the squat position.
• Straighten out the leg and return to standing position.

End with Lowering your foot to the floor and repeat using your other leg. Continue until you have completed 8 reps. This 15-minute exercise routine will help to build and maintain muscles and bones while increasing your metabolism.

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