5 Exercises For People Over 50

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4. Four-way Extensions

These benefit the hamstrings, buttocks, back, and shoulders.

• Begin in the plank position with your exercise ball underneath your stomach and hips.
• Your feet should be shoulder-width apart.
• Your hands will be pressed on the floor directly underneath the shoulders.
• Now slowly raise your right arm forward until it is even with your right ear.
• At the same time you are raising your arm, lift the left foot so it is in line with the torso.
• Your right arm and left leg should be in a straight alignment with the body resting on the exercise ball.
• Lower the right hand and left foot to the floor and starting position.
• Repeat raising the left arm and right foot together to complete the rep.

Continue until you have completed 10 reps.

5. Push-ups 

These benefit the chest, arms, back, and shoulders

Depending on your level of experience, you can start the push-ups against the kitchen counter, then work your way to doing them on your knees, and then finally completing a full push-up on the balls of the feet.

• Begin by lying face-down on the floor.
• Bring the hands out to your sides parallel to the chest.
• Raise yourself up onto the balls of your feet. (Start on your knees if you are still developing your push-up skills.)
• With the body in a perfectly straight line, engage the abs and push your torso up.
• Slowly raise the body, hold, then slowly lower to the ground.

Continue until you have completed 15 push-ups.

According to studies conducted at the Mayo Clinic, strong bones are essential for living a longer life without risk of frequent injuries. Bone density in the body will peak at age 30, then begin a slow but steady decline as you age. By 50 years old, you have already experienced 20 years of bone decline, so incorporating this simple exercise routine can go a long way in slowing down the process.

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