5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Balance

3. Walking Heel to Toe

Another simple way to work on balance is to change the way that you walk. Start by parking your vehicle further away from your work or in the last spot at the supermarket. As you walk towards your destination, exaggerate walking heel to toe. Don’t worry about what people might think or say. Focus on improving your health. When you are home that night, focus on walking in a straight line heel to toe, then stop, and walk backwards in the same manner. (This is what many police officers choose for field sobriety tests.) Being able to walk in this manner in a straight line will certainly improve your overall balance.

4. Squatting Exercise

There is no need to hit your local gym to exercise your way to improved balancing ability. Simply clear out some room in your home and get squatting. The more sturdy your legs, the better you will be at balancing your entire body. Building up your quad muscles is a good start, so begin by standing with your feet hip-width apart and bend at the knees while you lower yourself slowly. Continue until you look like you are sitting in an invisible chair, then with arms extended out, back straight, begin to stand up again. Increasing squat exercises each week is a great way to improve overall balance.

5. Getting More Sleep

Sleeping at least seven hours a night can have positive effects on your overall balance today and in the future. The California Pacific Medical Center conducted a study that revealed that older women who only slept five to seven hours each night were 40% more likely to slip and fall during the day. The researchers concluded that patients who slept longer than seven hours per night had fewer instances of falling and sustaining serious injuries.

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