5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Balance

If you are not sure whether or not you have balance issues, take a few minutes and try these three tests to determine if you are susceptible to falls.

1. Stand with both feet together, ankles touching, with arms folded across your chest, and close your eyes. With another person timing you, try to stand perfectly straight without swaying. If you have any balance issues, you will not be able to remain still for 60 seconds without your feet moving.

2. While standing on just one foot, bend the other leg at the knee and lift that leg off the ground without letting it come in contact with the other leg. Now close your eyes and try to lift the leg without it touching your other leg. You should be able to hold this pose with your eyes closed for 30 seconds without tipping over.

3. Stand on one foot with both hands on your hips. Place the other foot on the inside of your standing leg, on the inside of the knee. Raise yourself onto your toes, and hold for 30 seconds. Tipping over is a sign you need to improve your balance.

Regardless of your age, if you are having trouble balancing during any of these tests, it’s time to take your balance more seriously. One of the reasons you want Focusing on your balance today can have positive health effects on other areas of the body. Better mobility means fewer injuries, more strength to push yourself, and an increase in overall fitness. According to studies conducted at the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center, as people age, they are usually not aware that their balance is beginning to deteriorate. Just like flexibility and strength, you can improve your balance if you start to focus on challenging it today.

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