7 Health Guidelines For People Over 50

6. Cutting Back on Bathroom Trips

A study conducted at the Massachusetts General Hospital showed that as we hit our 50s, we tend to take more trips to the bathroom. May Wakamatsu, MD, at Massachusetts General Hospital, says that drinking too much liquid each day will cause the bladder muscles to contract more than necessary and the bladder walls to expand. The body can only use a few ounces of liquid at a time, so any additional liquids will cause the kidneys to quickly produce excess urine. She recommends that people in their 50s limit their liquid consumption. Tea and coffee will also speed up the production of urine in the kidneys. The average adult over 50 should only be urinating four to six times per day.

7. Protecting the Knees

According to Neil Segal, MD, director at the University of Kansas Medical Center, exercise is the key to protecting your knees as you approach and pass the age of 50. He recommends squat exercises because they help to build strong quadriceps. Studies conducted by Segal in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation show that performing eight squats at least three days a week will reduce the risk of developing arthritis and osteoarthritis in the knees. Exercise is absolutely key to maintaining healthy knees through your 50s, 60s, and beyond.

These health guidelines for people over 50 are easy to implement and will help to ensure you have a healthier life as you age. According to Dena Dubal, MD, a neuroscientist and neurologist at the University of California, wisdom is essential when it comes to health issues in our later years. There are constant new developments in medicine and health, and being aware and taking appropriate action will allow us to live healthier and better lives.

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