7 Signs You Are Overeating

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We live in a society that’s filled with over-sized meals, so it’s no wonder more of the population is overeating each time they sit down for a meal. To aggravate the issue, people are being brought up on fast foods with zero nutritional value and high amounts of fructose corn syrup. A study conducted by Scientific American showed that excessive eating releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes the body feel good. Dopamine creates a positive reinforcement for overeating.

To break this addictive eating behavior, it’s important to identify these eight signs of overeating:

1. Feeling Distressed After Eating

One of the obvious signs of overeating is the feeling of disappointment for not pushing away that plate sooner. Binge eating, another term for overeating, leaves people unable to control themselves. According to studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic, people who overeat will repeat this vicious cycle day after day even after feeling depressed as a consequence. When it is time to eat, a person will feel comfortable for a moment, but the binge pattern takes over, and as soon as they are done eating the self-loathing and regret sets in.

2. Increased Waist Size

A potbelly can appear immediately after eating a large meal. Studies at the Mayo Clinic have shown that binge eating can result in weight gain, which then reinforces compulsive eating. The worse a person feels about his or her appearance, the more that person will reach for food to cope. They eat to feel good. They start to feel worse, then return to food for comfort.

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