7 Signs You Are Overeating

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3. Eating Frequent Meals

Do you find that when you go to bed at night that you have eaten the equivalent of two dinners? Perhaps you had a healthy meal with the family at dinner, but then right before bed you hit the refrigerator and cooked up leftovers from the night before to eat while watching late-night television. The second meal is a clear sign you have developed addictive eating habits, putting your health at risk.

4. Portion Size and Control

According to the Department of Health and Aging, portion control is an obstacle in this country. Super-sized drinks and meals are the norm, and this acceptance has found its way into the home. The bigger the dinner plate, the more a person will consume. When one person has a larger dinner plate than the rest of the family, this is an early indication of a problem with eating. Switch back to a regular plate and allow leftovers to be packed up in the refrigerator instead of trying to eat it all.

5. Exhausted After Eating

When you finish eating, do you feel like you just ran a marathon and need to take a nap? According to studies conducted by The National Eating Disorders Collaboration, overeating drains the body of its ability to function because all resources are being utilized for digestion. With overeating, the simplest of tasks become increasingly challenging — even standing up and walking. A good meal properly portioned should leave a person feeling rejuvenated and refreshed after a meal. Reduce portion sizes and push away the plate (with food still on it) to ensure energy remains steady.

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