8 Signs You Are at Risk of Glaucoma

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3. The Night Halos

Acute angle-closure glaucoma can often cause you to see things that are not actually there. Multi-colored rainbows or starburst halos usually are seen at night around different types of lighting. Blurred vision will distort the lights, and cause these night halos to appear. This is especially problematic for those who drive at night. The symptoms range from sudden bouts of blindness after the eye opens to extreme pressure building up behind the eye. The condition is more detectable at night in low-lit environments.

4. Eye Redness and Swelling

Other signs that you may be a candidate for acute angle-closure glaucoma are red eyes and a swelling of the iris result from intense buildup of eye pressure. Swollen and red eyes treated with eye drops does nothing to help with the condition, so if the symptoms occur repeatedly, it is important that you see an eye doctor immediately. The issue of discovering these systems is exacerbated when you suffer from allergies throughout the year. Warning signs are often missed by people who assume the redness, blurriness, and itching are related to allergens.

5. Severe Eye Pain

Later stages of angle-closure glaucoma will result in headaches and severe eye pain behind the eye. If you allow this pain in the brow and eyes to continue, the condition can become acute, and the damage to the optic nerve is irreversible. While any pain in or around the eye is considered dangerous, severe pain should be brought to a physician’s attention to stop vision loss and prevent possible blindness.

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