8 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Hearing Loss

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3. Properly Wearing Headphones

People today spend more time on their computers, laptops, and mobile devices than ever before, with many using headphones to focus. Never turn up the volume of the headphones to block out any background noise. Instead purchase a pair of muff-style headphones that will reduce the outside noise and allow you to turn down the volume. If a person next to you can hear what is playing in your headphones, the volume is too loud and damaging your hearing. Children especially should be limited to only an hour with headphones.

4. Lower Television Volume

A good test to see if the volume of the television is too loud, see if you are raising your voice in order for others to hear you clearly. Turning down the volume of the television even a small amount can have huge positive long-lasting benefits. Chances are good that as your hearing gradually decreases, the volume in your television will start going up. Lower the volume, give your hearing a rest, and see a physician frequently to ensure no irreversible damage is occurring.

5. Protection at Work

If you are subject to loud noises at work, it is extremely important to make certain your ears are protected. If you are currently working at a job-site that puts your hearing at risk, speak with your employer about getting the best hearing protection possible. According to state and federal regulations, you must be provided adequate hearing protection during time on the job. Employees that are at a high risk for hearing loss: heavy industry workers, military personnel, transportation workers, construction workers, farmers, miners, police officers, fire fighters and musicians. If there is excessive noise at your job, be sure you are utilizing all the protection equipment available.

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