8 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Hearing Loss

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6. Lawn Maintenance Protection

Many homeowners expose themselves to dangerous levels of noise without even being aware of the damage being done. It is extremely important that you wear ear protection when you are running your lawnmower, using a chainsaw, or working with power drills, sanders, and power saws. The best way to avoid serious hearing damage is to wear a set of earplugs in combination with earmuffs. Working with these types of equipment for hours at a time will cause permanent hearing loss. Most homeowners protect their eyes when working with these pieces of equipment but overlook the ears.

7. Reduce Volume in Vehicles

The sound systems in vehicles today are extremely powerful and can be especially dangerous to your hearing. Not only do these sound systems make use of multiple speakers throughout the vehicle, the sound quality can be deafening at higher settings. Compound this with being in a very small and confined space, and you could do significant damage to your hearing in a very short period of time. Crack the windows or lower the volume and give your hearing a rest when driving long distances in your car while playing music.

8. See a Hearing Professional

When you see a hearing professional often, he or she can spot potential damage easily and help you to restore your hearing before permanent damage sets in. Studies conducted by WebMD and the Mayo Clinic show that your ears need at least 16 hours to recover after only two hours of listening to music at 100dB or louder. This is the average noise level in many clubs, where people spend countless hours destroying their hearing. By decreasing recovery time, the chance of permanent deafness increases.

When it comes to your hearing, an ounce of prevention will go a long way in protecting your inner ear from permanent damage. Start paying closer attention to the noise hazards that surround you every day. Children are susceptible to damage at younger ages as technology becomes more powerful. According to the Mayo Clinic, over one-third of all hearing loss is preventable when people use proper hearing loss prevention strategies.

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