9 Signs You Have Iron Deficiency And Should See a Physician

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4. Skin Becomes Pale

While pale skin is not always a clear indication that you are lacking in your recommended daily iron intake, this condition is often associated with being sick. The hemoglobin in the blood will give your skin that rosy color, and a result of low iron intake will be less oxygen in your bloodstream producing less red blood cells. The first place to check is the area beneath your eyelid. This sensitive area will begin to appear lighter in color before the rest of your skin.

5. Heart Starts Racing

When you are not getting enough iron, the vital organs in the body begin to suffer. The heart begins sending out signals that something is wrong in the way of heart murmurs, irregular heartbeats, or possibly heart failure. When you feel your heart pounding even in a resting state, you could be suffering from some degree of iron deficiency that has been building up over time. According to studies conducted by the Texas Heart Institute Journal, those with heart problems in the family are more at risk for serious heart issues when iron levels are low.

6. Swollen Tongue

Iron deficiency will cause muscles in the body to become painful and enlarged. Although this happens to each muscle in the body, the only one that you can readily see is your tongue. In iron deficiency, the redness in the tongue will disappear. As iron deficiency worsens, the tongue will begin to feel uncomfortably smooth, feel sore, and become inflamed. This is a result of a lack of myoglobin, the protein in red blood cells supporting muscle health.

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