Top 7 Foods That Fight Migraines

Just about anything can cause a migraine headache, from changes in weather, certain foods and drinks to a lack of sleep, strong odors, and increased stress. If you understand exactly what triggers your migraine headaches, then you are in a better position than most people. Unfortunately for many, migraines are an unexpected surprise. If you are battling these painful headaches and don’t know what’s triggering them, consider these seven foods that fight migraines that may help to bring you some comfort.

1. Bananas

If you are having trouble with persistent headaches, consider eating a few bananas. The magnesium in bananas relaxes the blood vessels throughout the body and can help ease pain. Potassium is a crucial part of overall electrolyte balance. In addition to helping bring comfort from a stubborn migraine, bananas can also help ease muscle fatigue and prevent nausea.

2. Fresh Salad

The pain from a migraine headache is due in part to the body experiencing dehydration. The high fiber and water content in vegetables, such as spinach and lettuce leaves, will rehydrate your body and reduce the pressure on the blood vessels in the brain. Iceberg lettuce has a higher water content, but it lacks the nutrients needed to fully eliminate pain. Consider adding romaine, escarole, arugula, spinach, or butter lettuce to your salad as an alternative to iceberg. Rather than eating baked snacks throughout the day, keep a fresh salad in the refrigerator and enjoy the healing benefits.

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