Top 7 Foods That Fight Migraines

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3. Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits all contain different levels of plant estrogen, essential for stopping some of the negative effects that estrogen can naturally produce within the body. When the body produces too much estrogen, at some point estrogen levels will suddenly drop, which could trigger migraine headaches. Vegetables and fruits are great foods for fighting migraines — The fiber removes the excess estrogen in addition to waste, keeping it from recycling in your bloodstream. Fruits and veggies are also low in fat, which means less estrogen produced, and less chance of a crash. If you are susceptible to headaches at work, rather than coffee and donuts, try some fresh fruit.

4. Coffee

Many people will say that the reason for their intense migraine headache was a result of drinking coffee, but drinking a few cups when the headache strikes could actually help relieve the pain. The caffeine in coffee shrinks swollen blood vessels in the brain, and is an essential ingredient in many over-the-counter migraine medicines. When a migraine hits, drinking one cup of coffee (slowly) will work to eliminate discomfort. If you are experiencing a migraine as a result of seasonal allergies, then drinking a cup of coffee will have an even greater impact because it also stops the release of histamine in the blood.

5. Whole Grain Bread

The unprocessed grains in whole grain bread release carbohydrates slower than regular white bread. Whole grains are great for anyone suffering with intense headaches because the grains help to replenish physical energy.

One of the things that can trigger a migraine is switching to a brand-new diet. As the body begins to adjust to new fuel sources, it can trigger different degrees of migraines. One study conducted by the London Hospital for Sick Children took 88 children who suffered with intense migraines and gave them whole grains as part of their daily food intake. After testing, 78 of 88 children no longer experienced migraines.

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