Top 7 Foods That Fight Migraines

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6. Watermelon

Consuming healthy sugars is a great way to replenish the body, and watermelon is a delicious source. Packed with all the sugars that your body needs, there are several different ways to enjoy watermelon regularly. Cut it into small cubes, blend it into a smoothie, or eat it by the slice — The healing power of the watermelon will quickly address dehydration within the body and ease a migraine headache. It provides all the nutrients the body needs on those hot days, and is also light on your stomach.

7. Potatoes

To help with migraine discomfort, start eating potatoes with the skin on. The skin of the potato is full of potassium. Diets low in potassium and high in salt can make the pain even worse. Potato skin is packed with the minerals that help the body to rehydrate, reducing symptoms of migraine headaches. According to studies conducted by WebMD, most people are not getting the daily recommended allowance of potassium. Eating more potatoes with the skin on will help to properly balance and restore the body, allowing it to speed up recovery.
One of the best ways to fight off migraines is to keep a small journal of all the food and drink you consume on a daily basis. When a migraine appears, trace your steps to uncover possible triggers, and combat the migraine with the foods on this list. By paying closer attention to your body, you can quickly restore balance when something goes wrong.

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