What People Over 50 Need To Know About Their Mattresses

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3. Best Mattresses for People Over 50

Before you hit that mattress showroom and test different styles of mattresses, it’s always a good idea to speak with your physician before you make a purchase. Your doctor can tell you what parts of the body need the most attention at night and what types of mattresses will help to address those concerns best. Studies conducted at the Spine Health Institute showed that different mattresses types had varying impacts on different ailments.

With many different types of mattresses available to choose from, consider the benefits of sleeping on one of the following new mattresses if you are in your 50s:

• Traditional Coil Spring Mattress: The coil spring mattress is one of the oldest styles, and they can still provide many benefits to your body as you live through your 50s. New coil spring mattress manufacturers have developed technology where the mattress can provide zone support, meaning the tension in the springs can be made stronger to support your shoulders and hips, with less tension around the feet, head, and torso. If you have issues with one area of the body, these mattresses can reduce pain and help you feel rejuvenated in the morning.

• Latex Mattresses: A latex mattress is made of durable rubber, and provides total body comfort. Different brands of latex mattresses have the ability to adjust firmness settings throughout. This is especially important if one person on the bed needs a firmer material and the other needs something softer. Latex is breathable, reducing the likelihood of dust mites. Those over 50 who battle asthma or allergies will benefit tremendously from this particular style of mattress.

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